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Main -> ERA: White In-Out Directory Plate

Price: $10.00 Each
(8" x 3/4") White In-Out Directory Plate

Size: 8" x 3/4"

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Stop confusion in your office, In-Out Directory signage is an essential element of any company's signage program, and it's just professional and courteous to your visitors to have one! At 20" x 28" this large and very noticeable sign can be placed behind the reception desk at your office or anywhere visibility necessitates. This sign can hold up to 40 names which are all engraved on White In-Out Directory Plates that easily slide in and out of the sign. The main engraved white plaque at the top (17" x 5.75") features the ERA® logo in color along with your office name, and the IN-OUT title headers at the top.