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Main -> Century 21: Jade Glass Name Plate w/Jade Glass Base

Price: $59.50 Each
Jade Glass Name Plate w/Jade Glass Base

Size: 10" x 2"

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A desk name plate furnishes a professional appearance to any place of work. It perks up the desk and workplace setting. This is a beautiful, exquisite jade crystal piece that adds a touch of class to any desktop and attracts attention with style and a high end sleek modern look.

Executive name plate is made from heavy Jade plate and the name is laser etched with slightly green-jewel cast. Our high-tech etching process creates a three dimensional effect. This desk name plate is designed to be aesthetically pleasing, and reflects the success of your brokerage.

Recognition Express' commitment is to produce the most magnificent desk items that will surpass your highest expectations. Manufactured by Recognition Express and proudly made in the USA.


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