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Main -> Casa Latino: Chrome LP Frame w/Silver Inserts

Price: $28.50 Each
Chrome LP Frame w/Silver Inserts

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Chrome LP Frame Domed w/Silver Inserts - Drive results with the professional Chrome and Silver domed look that gets looks and sales. Let your car advertise for you! Meet your prospects at stop lights, in parking lots and anywhere your car is.

We all read license plate frames when we are in traffic and occasionally they'll make us laugh or roll our eyes. When you need a service and see a phone number and name on a license plate frame at a stop light or in a parking lot, you'll write it down. This promotional product is outstanding for name recognition. If it's worth at least one or more extra sales per year wouldn't a personalized license plate frame be the best performing product, in terms of return on investment, you could ever put on your car? These frames are made of black matte, with gold top and bottom insert panels for your message. The letters are engraved onto acrylic insert strips, domed, and then bonded to the frame. These are long lasting frames that will never fade, rust, peel, come apart or tarnish depending on the elements & care taken.


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